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Kerala Vasthu Common doubts PART-1
Published By Sandhya Rani on 2013-02-26 228 Views

From today onwards I am starting a new series on Kerala Vasthushastra clearing common doubts of constructions as per Kerala Vastushastra rules. It’s purely based on the column ‘Vasthu’ of Malayalam Magazine Vanitha, where people ask their doubts related to Vasthushastra. Hoping it would help you people to clear your common vasthu doubts a lot.

Things to be noted while building steps to enter the home

Number of steps should always be an even number. Height of each step should never exceed 15 cm. Also, each step should have at least 27 cm width.

According to Vasthu, is it necessary that we should build boundary around our home?

Position of each house is based on its ‘Vasthu Mandalam’ – the central point of Vasthu. It’s the biggest square inside a property where the house is constructed. If you want to enjoy its full benefits you should construct a boundary around it. If it’s not possible to build a big wall around it now, a small fence to separate the property from the rest of the land is enough.

What’s the position of kanni room in a home?

Kanni room is the most special room of a house and normally it’s used for pooja purposes. This room should be kept clean and tidy always to bring prosperity to your home. As per vasthu, this room should be of equal or slightly elevated level comparing other rooms. According to land structure, if it happens to appear in a low elevated level, increase its ground surface level and make it equal with other rooms.

Is square the best shape of your home?

Yes, rectangle and square are the best shapes for building homes based on vasthu. Projected corners and edged structures never suit a home.

What material is good for building doors and windows?

Of course, wood as per vasthu shastra. Now it’s the time of processed wood and steel doors. Though they are cheap and durable, they never give you the comfort of homes with wooden doors and windows.

You can see more columns based on Kerala vasthu doubts very soon here.

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